# Backups with restic

Restic is a fast and secure backup program that can back up your files. The official website (https://restic.net/) has a very nice introduction, you should read it.

You should use it for backing up many small files that change often, for example system configuration or source code. For most other files (like media files, books or documents) it makes more sense to just use Vup directly, for example with the sync feature.

For using restic with Vup, you need to set up rclone first.

# Install restic

Follow the instructions here: https://restic.readthedocs.io/en/stable/020_installation.html

# Create a new restic repository to back up your files

Run restic -r rclone:vup:PATH init in your terminal.

Example: restic -r rclone:vup:backup/my-device init

# Backup some files

Run restic -r rclone:vupdebug:backup/my-device backup PATHS_YOU_WANT_TO_BACKUP

Example: restic -r rclone:vupdebug:backup/my-device backup /home/redsolver/Documents

# Mount and browse your backups

Just run restic -r rclone:vup:backup/my-device mount MOUNTPOINT in your terminal

Example: restic -r rclone:vup:backup/my-device mount /mnt/backups (you have to create the MOUNTPOINT directory first)